Professional Archaeological Practice

Module code: AR2045

This core module for our BSc prepares you for a career in professional archaeology. You will be introduced to the current structures of professional archaeology and historic environment practice within their public and commercial contexts, as well as key skill-sets and specialist competencies and their roles within professional historic environment practice. You will develop a familiarity with common forms of data and materials, their recording and analysis and data management, and relevant policies and standards, as well as appropriate skills in IT literacy and oral communication.


  • Understanding professional archaeology: standards, guidance and more
  • Understanding professional organisations: CIfA, curators - who and what?
  • Desk-based assessment, fieldwork, "what could go wrong?", post-excavation
  • Buildings archaeology, managing information, graphics and useful skills
  • Artefacts and ecofacts, archives and museums
  • Managing projects, demonstrating competence and getting paid
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