Archaeology CE

Module code: AR1604

In this module you will learn about cultures that shaped the world we live in. In the first part of the course, dedicated to Medieval Archaeology, we will study the transformations of Europe from the end of the Roman period and into the Middle Ages, including the worldviews and stereotypes surrounding the Viking raids and migrations, the expansion of Christianity and the building of new Christian monuments. We will also go beyond Europe to explore the rise of Islam in Arabia, the rich history of the kingdoms of Africa, and the incredible Mughal dynasty in South Asia. The second part of the course focuses on Post-Medieval Archaeology, and there we will analyse the events that mark the emergence of capitalism and the modern world: colonialism, slavery and the industrial revolution. We will consider how these produced the Western world, and shaped contemporary cultures outside the “west” including South Asia, Australasia, the Americas, and other contemporary civilisations such as the Ottoman Empire.

The learning material for this module includes texts and recorded lectures by our academics, as well as guided readings and additional bibliography for those wanting to expand their knowledge. The assignments include a critical reading in which you will be asked to compare two texts and an essay that will allow you to engage in depth with the topic of the module that you found most compelling. These assignments ensure that you learn while you develop research and critical skills and enjoy exploring global archaeology!    

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