Leicester Medical School

Fees and funding: second degree

The following information relates to eligible students from England undertaking the five-year Medicine MBChB as their second undergraduate degree. Please also note that figures are based on those provided for 2018/19 and are subject to change.

Years 1-4 (Student Loans Company)

Tuition fee

  • £9,250 - tuition fee loan is not available

Living costs

  • Means-tested maintenance loan up to £8,700 (£7,324 if you live with parents during term-time)
  • There is a potential increase in Years 3 and 4 if your academic year includes extra weeks due to clinical placements

Year 5 (and 6, if intercalating)

Tuition fee (NHS Bursaries)

  • £9,250 - NHS fee grant to cover the full tuition fee charge

Living costs

NHS Bursaries

  • Non-means-tested bursary of £1,000
  • Means-tested bursary up to £2,643 (30 weeks) or £3,315 (38 weeks) - less if you live with parents during-term time

Student Loans Company

  • Non-means-tested reduced rate maintenance loan of £2,324 (£1,811 final year rate)

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