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Mathematics BSc students

There are a number of things in place to support us – the most effective, I think, is that each course has reps who attend a council meeting where any problems can be aired. So if you have a problem you can take it to your course rep, who can approach the Department’s academic member on the council. I’m a rep, so I know that any problems do get sorted out very quickly. Lectures are my favourite aspect of the course – not only are they a great way to learn but you also catch up with friends. I really enjoy life at Leicester.


The surgeries are especially helpful – this is when a PhD student comes along to help you with any problems, and these take place two or three times a week. It’s a really effective way of learning. I feel I am doing better now in maths at university than I was at A-Level, and that is because of the support of the Department.


Everyone feels very supported by the Department – by the lecturers themselves, personal tutors, the supervisions and the peer support system in your first year. These are really useful because the second and third year mentors have been there before – I couldn’t have got through my first year without them. It’s really fabulous here – the social life is excellent. I have a great group of friends and there are loads of things to do.


When I visited I liked the Department of Mathematics here better than any other universities’ maths departments. I liked the choice of modules and the lecturers are really friendly. I’m applying to do a PGCE in secondary teaching at Leicester. The peer support system that I took part in in my second and third year really inspired me to help others which is why I’ve decided to teach.


I feel the support and useful information provided by the Department of Mathematics has helped me settle down very quickly into the culture and system here. As an overseas student from the African continent, it was a tough decision for myself as well as my family to study here from so far, however I was deeply impressed with the University’s website and the international students' orientation week.


Mathematics MMath students

There are lots of modules in the second and third years to choose from. It means you can shape your own learning. I really enjoy the small class sizes – it means you become really good friends with other students on the course. In the first year you certainly receive a lot of support – particularly peer support – and there are supervisions and surgeries. The great thing about Leicester is that it has everything but isn’t too big. There is always someone you know that you bump into.


At Leicester there’s a good range of interesting modules. It is intimate and friendly - the lecturers are very approachable and I feel the courses are written with a real appreciation for interesting mathematics. Another good thing is that there are several courses which are designed to teach you about giving presentations, writing reports and surveying - all of which make you more rounded and employable.


Studying Mathematics at the University of Leicester was a fantastic experience for so many reasons. The course content was interesting and varied, and as I progressed through the degree I was able to really focus on subjects that interested me, whilst still having a broad and insightful knowledge of other topics. The fantastic lecturing and support staff are some of the most friendly and helpful people you will ever meet – they are always there to help, advise, and talk to you. The Department is small and close-knit, and by the end of my four years I really felt like an important and valued member of the Department.


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