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Leicester Actuarial Science Society (LASS)

The Leicester Actuarial Science Society (LASS) is both a student society of the University of Leicester and a regional community of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries. We are looking to give you a better feel for what life as a student actuary might be like across a range of different environments. This will make you more competitive in the actuarial jobs market, by showing prospective employers the attitudes and behaviours they are looking for at the recruitment stage and allowing plenty of opportunities for them to meet you. It will also help you pursue successful careers once you're in employment. 

LASS aims to: 

  • give you exposure and access to a range of potential employer organisations, increasing both your appreciation of what an actuarial career involves and potential employers' awareness of what our students have to offer.
  • allow actuarial students at different stages of their courses to compare experiences and have access to actuarial science staff in an informal setting. 
  • create opportunities for actuaries and actuarial students in the region to develop professionally. - provide a forum for thought leadership in actuarial science within the East Midlands and raise the national profile of the Leicester actuarial science courses and current research.

The Leicester Actuarial Science Society is online in several other locations:

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