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Frequently Asked Questions about Placements

Before going on a placement

Are unpaid placements acceptable?

Unpaid placements are not encouraged but they can be accepted subject to a more rigorous risk assessment to check that the placement provider can offer an appropriate working environment for you. This risk assessment is dealt with between the university and the provider after an authorisation request is submitted by the student.

Are placements abroad (not in the UK) acceptable?

Yes, the placements overseas are acceptable, subject to the usual risk assessment. 

Do I have to pay fees during my placement?

Yes, during your placement year you will pay reduced fees: 15% of your yearly tuition fee.

Can I work as an independent consultant or freelancer for my placement?

No, you need a formal placement provider (i.e., an employer).

Can the University give a pre-approval for a placement?

No, after securing a placement offer, you need to submit an authorisation request for your placement to be considered.

What is the minimum and maximum duration for my placement?

For Undergraduate students: 12-15 months.

For MSc students: 3, 6, 9 or 12 months.

When I receive an offer for a placement, what documents should I provide?

All you need to do is complete a Placement Authorisation Request. You will find the MS Word template in the Learning Materials section of your Placement Preparation module on Blackboard.

During the placement

Whom should I inform should my circumstances change?

E.g., taking annual leave, changing placement dates, moving from/to remote working, etc. Send an email to

Will I receive a visit from the university during my placement?

Yes, your Placement Tutor will contact you to arrange a placement visit which your line manager is expected to attend.

How will my placement be assessed?

You will be added to a Year in Industry / Industrial Placement module on Blackboard, where you will find detailed guidance on what to submit and when.

Will I be visited during my placement?

Yes, your placement tutor will contact you to arrange a placement visit. Due to Covid-19, these visits might be an online meeting instead of an in-person visit.

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