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Year abroad

Our four-year degree options give you the opportunity to spend a year at another university in Europe as part of the ERASMUS programme or worldwide including the USA and Japan as part of the Study Abroad scheme.

There are special arrangements for tuition fees and you receive an allowance while abroad, besides free language tuition before you go. Find out more about fees and funding.

Where you can study

Spend your third year in one of our prestigious partner institutions, which include several top-ranked universities in Europe or in the USA, Japan, South Korea and China. See the full list of Computing at Leicester's partner institutions.

How the Year Abroad degree works

You spend your first two years in Leicester taking the modules for a standard BSc, your third year at the host university, and your final year in Leicester taking the normal final year BSc modules.

Degree classification is formally based on performance in years two and four only, but you will need to have passed the modules taken abroad.

How to apply for the Year Abroad

Initial registration for your choice of destination university, language training (etc) takes place at the start of the second year; final acceptance depends on a satisfactory performance in the second year examinations. If you initially applied for another programme, but wish to consider changing to the 'with a Year Abroad' variant, the change must be made during your second year.

Why study abroad?

Whether you go on to work in the private sector, the state sector, a non-governmental organisation or become self-employed you will find the experience invaluable.

The extra year required for a BSc (with a Year Abroad) degrees means that you are very likely to graduate with substantially more experience than students who take a normal three-year degree. You will be better prepared to apply for jobs that require spending time in countries other than the UK.

Degrees with a year abroad are all designed to meet the accreditation criteria of the BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT; any accreditations granted to the main Undergraduate programmes also apply to the 'with a Year Abroad' variants.

Find out more about studying abroad on the University's Global Opportunities pages.

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