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Our teaching

You will find very friendly staff, who will treat you as an individual. We try to get to know you, and hope that you will get to know us.

Our approach to teaching includes lectures and laboratory classes together with small group tutorials and problem classes. Innovative software demonstrations may be given during lectures, as well as more traditional presentations.

You'll be given assistance with coursework, but also required to undertake significant private study, exploring information sources independently. You'll be aided by state-of-the-art web-based module materials, automated feedback and marking systems, online tests and electronic coursework submission.

Coursework contributes to your marks, especially in practical modules, but we place emphasis on traditional academic examinations. Students undertake project work in both the second and third years.

Computer Science at Leicester

Hawwa particularly liked that her course was hands-on and practical rather than just theory-based.


We offer academic prize awards during each year of study, to inspire and encourage our students.

In addition to the prizes funded by the University, the British Computer Society funds an award for the most promising first year student, and different companies support prizes for the best overall graduate, the best second year project team, and the best final year project.

Find out more about our prizes.


We sometimes hold a competition amongst our first year students. In previous years these have been sponsored by O'Reilly or Bloomberg.

Normally we ask our students to write a computer player for a game. Previous games included a 'tetris-like' game, Five in a Row and Awale. We hold a tournament to establish the winner and prizes may be offered for good solutions.

Employers are very keen indeed to employ graduates who have distinguished themselves. Winning a competition will add greatly to your CV when you leave us, and writing a very good solution, and being able to discuss this with your potential employers can help increase your chances of securing a good job offer.

Competition example

We asked our students to write a solution to the Five in a Row game. The game is played on a 19x19 board.

  • There is one player with white stones and one with black.
  • Each player places one of their stones on the board, alternating with the other player.
  • Stones can only be placed on empty squares.
  • Once a stone is placed it can never be moved or removed.
  • The aim is to place five stones of your own colour in a straight line, vertically, horizontally or diagonally. The first player who achieves this, wins.

Student societies and groups

Leicester offers many opportunities for you to get involved in activities outside of study and joining societies is a great way of meeting like-minded people, having fun and trying something new.

CompSoc is the University's leading technology enthusiast society, working with the Students’ Union and Computing at Leicester to provide all kinds of activities for students and enthusiasts alike. Find out more about CompSoc on the Students' Union website.

The Women in Computer Science Leicester student group promotes Computer Science and supports female students with an interest in this subject. Find out more about the Women in Computer Science Leicester group.

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