History of Art and Film at Leicester

Undergraduate courses

Our range of degrees allows you to study the history of art from the medieval period to the present. We have experts from across the field, with many decades of teaching experience. Our Film Studies lecturers have particular expertise in US and British film and television.

You will be taught in a mixture of lectures and small seminar groups, almost always under a dozen.

Available degrees 

Film Studies BA (with optional year abroad)
Full-time, 3-4 years | UCAS code: P300
For the film buffs with an eye for the critical. In this degree, you’ll learn how to analyse, talk about and appreciate films. You’ll also look at the role cinema plays in different societies and cultures, and its lasting impact on the modern world.

Film Studies and English BA (with optional year abroad)
Full-time, 3-4 years | UCAS code: PQ33 
Hitchcock made groundbreaking cinema. Joyce wrote landmark novels. English film and literature might appear opposites, but their similarities are striking. You’ll look at the relationship between the two disciplines, and learn the practical skills to work in both.

Film and Media Studies BA
Full-time, 3 years | UCAS code: P900 
Few art forms can entertain, shock, inform or make us laugh the way film can. In this degree, you’ll explore the power of film and other modern media – drawing on critical approaches based in the humanities and social sciences.

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