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Smoke sensor for air flow control

Advanced Smoke Group is a Leicester-based engineering company providing innovative technical smoke control solutions for clients across the UK. The company designs, manufactures, installs and maintains smoke ventilation and pressurisation systems using both off-the-shelf and bespoke equipment. The company has a policy of seeking out talented staff so when they had a specific requirement to develop a new type of sensor, they came to the University of Leicester looking for a skilled, enthusiastic, knowledgeable intern.

What was needed was an electronic automated sensor which could monitor and control the amount of air flow through doors leading to exit stairwells. Controlling this air flow when a fire breaks out means that smoke can be held back from protected spaces. This significantly reduces the amount of energy needed to control an incident.

The University’s Careers and Employability Service arranged a four-month paid internship with Advanced Smoke Group for Danish Ahmad, who had recently graduated from our Department of Engineering with an MSc in Advanced Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

Danish not only designed the sensor, he also developed a range of system control panels that enabled the company to establish a new control panel division. Advanced Smoke Group has since patented the device which is now being sold across Europe, while Danish was taken on as a full-time systems developer with the company.

"There need to be investments into the future in order to achieve sustainable growth and the youth have a lot of potential that will be valuable to the Group and provide a competitive advantage in the long term. This is why we are looking at developing bright and enthusiastic young prospects that have a lot to offer and provide them with training, hands-on experience and real responsibility."
- Richard Brooks, General Manager, Advanced Smoke Group

"Working at ASG is an honour; we have a very friendly environment with a very supportive team. This makes the workplace a very enjoyable place."
- Danish Ahmad, Systems Developer, Advanced Smoke Group

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