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Analytical devices and imaging

Our technologies are available for licensing to innovative organisations seeking to develop their current activities or diversify their operations. We have many licenses available at any time, here is a sample of some of our most exciting innovations.

Our licenses cover the spectrum of analytical devices and imaging equipment, so please contact us to find out about other opportunities or to find out more about how these technologies could help your organisation.

Scene of Crime App

The Scene of Crime App allows a Crime Scene Examiner to accurately record a crime scene, attach photos and print evidence labels directly from the handheld device they are carrying.

To find out more download the Scene of Crime App PDF or contact:
+44 (0)116 223 1347

Confocal microscope module

Confocal microscopes are used for scientific research in fields ranging from medical research and diagnostics to engineering. They offer improved spatial resolution by removing out-of-focus light from the image. However, commercial confocal microscopes are prohibitively expensive, costing up to £350,000. We have developed a confocal module to add on to a standard fluorescent imaging system which generates a high speed confocal microscope that:

  • collects images up to 100 times faster than standard, commercial microscopes.
  • delivers an equivalent image resolution.
  • is cheaper, more flexible and offers better resolution than currently available alternative products.

To find out more download our confocal microscope PDF or contact:
+44 (0)116 223 1347

Handheld field-deployable mineral analyser

A handheld device is being developed within the Space Research Centre at the University to enable, for the first time, rapid mineral identification and quantification in the field with a handheld device through combined X-ray diffraction (XRD) and X-ray fluorescence (XRF). The technology relies upon tuning of the X-ray tube operating voltage as a means of selectively suppressing fluorescence peaks, thereby revealing any underlying diffraction peaks which may have otherwise been hidden.

To find out more download our handheld X-ray diffraction analysis PDF or contact:
+44 (0)116 223 1347

Readout electronics for particle and radiation detectors

A charge-division image readout has been developed within the Space Research Centre at the University for use with electron multiplication devices such as microchannel plates, imaging photo-multipliers or gas proportional counters. The device could also have application in fields other than detectors, such as very high accuracy mechanical position sensing.

To find out more contact:
+44 (0)116 223 1347

High speed, super-resolution, random access multiphoton microscopy (SuperRAMP)

A new multiphoton, super-resolution microscope has been developed at the University of Leicester that is capable of multicolour, super-resolution imaging at high speeds to depths of up to 0.5mm. It provides up to two-fold improvement in lateral (xy) and axial (z) resolution and allows users to choose between optimum speed for functional imaging or optimum resolution at lower speeds. It can scan in standard multiphoton mode with a large field of view at speeds of up to 80 frames per second or defined points of interest identified by super-resolution imaging at speeds of up to 30kHz.

To find out more download our SuperRAMP PDF or contact:
+44 (0)116 223 1347

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