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Advanced materials

Our technologies are available for licensing to innovative organisations seeking to develop their current activities or diversify their operations. We have many licenses available at any time, here is a sample of some of our most exciting innovations.

Our licenses cover the spectrum of advanced materials, so please contact us to find out about other opportunities or to find out more about how these technologies could help your organisation.

Colour: a new dimension in latent fingerprint enhancement on metals

Metallic objects – in the form of weapons (knives, guns, bullet casings), tools or intrinsically valuable items – are frequently involved in crimes of violence or serious theft. Prior to recovery, exposure to water, heat or other environmental factors may result in loss or erosion of fingerprint deposits to the point where conventional enhancement processes or reagents are ineffective. We have developed a novel technology for visualising latent fingerprints using electrochromic materials that can produce an evidential quality fingerprint when other techniques cannot.

To find out more download our latent fingerprint PDF or contact:
+44 (0)116 223 1347 

Electroplating with aluminium using eutectic mixtures

We have developed a low-temperature method of electrodepositing aluminium metal onto a conductive substrate from a eutectic mixture comprising Aluminium Chloride and urea.

To find out more contact:
+44 (0)116 223 1347 

Nanoscale structuring by combined gas-phase and liquid micro-jet deposition

This technology provides a method and apparatus for producing a wide-range of nanoparticles in a variety of sizes with diameters from 0.1nm to 1,000nm. In general terms, a liquid is delivered into a process-vacuum chamber by means of a micro-jet. Reactive gases, for example metal or semiconductor vapours, are introduced into the liquid stream and form nanoparticles. The resulting mixture is then trapped on a cold finger where it can be readily collected.

To find out more contact:
+44 (0)116 223 1347  

In situ real-time oil analysis

A method for the in situ monitoring of tribological wear and elemental oil condition in lubricated machinery has been developed within the Space Research Centre at the University. Novel wide-band gap compound semiconductor spectroscopic X-ray photon counting photodiodes and their associated preamplifier electronics may be used at temperatures approximating the conditions present inside in-use oil filters.

To find out more download our real-time oil analysis PDF or contact:
+44 (0)116 223 1347 

Novel nanoparticles with improved magnetic properties

We have developed novel nanoparticles with unprecedentedly high magnetic moments, which are essential for developing future and emerging technologies with improved energy efficiencies. These high-moment magnetic nanoparticles have applications in biomedical science and the potential to form the building blocks of the next-generation magnets.

To find out more download our novel nanoparticles with improved magnetic properties PDF or contact:
+44 (0)116 223 1347 

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