Name Role Phone (0116) email
Professor Andy Abbott
School of Science and Engineering: Materials and Interfaces
252 2087
Dr Ayodeji Akinduko
Data Analytic Innovation Fellow
229 7542
Rajinder Bhuhi
Business Manager
229 7697
Arnaud Drapier
Project Officer/Knowledge Transfer Officer
373 6435
Professor Stephen Garrett
School of Science and Engineering: ASDEC
252 3899
Shannon Stodd
Advanced Engineering and Manufacturing Innovation Fellow
Helen Bevin
Marketing and Student Recruitment
223 1716
Matthew Higgins
School of Management
252 5644
Jenny Hollis
Reception and Team Administrator
373 6471
Chris Howe
Vibration and Acoustics Specialist and delivery via ASDEC
252 5720
Gemma Ladley
Marketing and Student Recruitment
  On maternity leave
Dr Sandra Lee
ECS: Service Development and Resources
252 2306
Professor Roland Leigh
School of Science and Engineering: Space Research Centre
229 7711
Professor Jeremy Levesley
School of Science and Engineering: Department of Mathematics
252 3897
Carmine Maffei
Earth Observation Innovation Fellow
252 2185
Ather Mirza
External Communications
252 3335
Dr Stephan Reiff-Marganiec
252 2603
Anjuu Trevedi
Head of Regional Business Engagement
252 3354
Benoit Welch
Project Executive/Knowledge Transfer Executive
252 5864
Svetlana Zolotikova
East Midlands Centre of Excellence for Satellite Applications
229 7839
Dr Stephen Wright
Business Development Manager - East Midlands Satellite Applications Centre of Excellence
229 7397