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Education CPD+

Based within the School of Education at Leicester, Education CPD+ specialises in providing innovative and high-quality CPD programmes, both locally and internationally, delivering tailored training to education professionals - over 10,000 since 2004.

CPD is a great way to sustain personal development throughout your career, and provides the opportunity for you to focus on your learning so you can achieve the most for both yourself and your students. Our close relationships with partner schools ensure that we are aware of, and tackle in our sessions, the varied developments and challenges currently facing modern teaching.

Our courses are continually evolving and are delivered by leading academics using innovative methods, cutting-edge research and new technology to suit your particular training needs. They also provide valuable networking opportunities, giving you the chance to discuss and share ideas and new approaches to solving common problems.

Our location in the centre of England, a 10-minute walk from Leicester train station, means that we are easily accessible for all your training needs. We recognise that schools and colleges require a range of CPD options, and as such we offer a mixed model of courses, including a selection of different timings - from twilight to half- and full-day sessions.

Our dedicated team ensure that those who use our services are given a supportive and personal experience of the highest possible standard.

Our brochures are sent to all schools at the beginning of each term but please contact us if you would like a copy.

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