School of Criminology

Government and policy makers

Hate Crime: Transforming Policy

Hate crime is an urgent global priority for governments, lawmakers and practitioners, with many parts of the world experiencing a sustained increase in the prevalence of recorded hate crimes following recent trigger events, including the rise of far right and nationalist movements, a growth of terrorist-related incidents, and the COVID-19 crisis. Research by Chakraborti, Hardy and Allen at the Centre for Hate Studies (CHS) has substantially enhanced awareness and understanding of hate crime and its associated harms amongst a broad range of beneficiaries including victims, witnesses, practitioners, and policy-makers from different sectors. This research has also improved responses to victims and perpetrators through the development of new strategies, changes to reporting mechanisms, and evidence-based training and interventions. Some examples of how the CHS has worked with government departments and policy-makers can be found on the Centre for Hate Studies website.

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