School of Criminology

Previous lectures

Since 2008, our Scarman Lectures have invited high profile guest speakers to deliver papers on current issues in criminology, criminal justice, policing and community safety.

Below is a list of our previous speakers and lectures, some of which you can listen to on SoundCloud.

Academic Year 2020/21

Speaker Title Date

David Lammy MP
Chief Constable Ian Hopkins, QPM
Dr Martin Glynn
Dr Suzella Palmer

Policing, Race and Criminology in the UK
30th September 2020

Academic Year 2019/20

 Speaker Title  Date 
 Professor Kalwant Bhopal  Black and minority ethnic (BME) experiences in higher education: social justice, exclusion and white privilege  25th September 2019

Academic Year 2018/19

Speaker  Title  Date 
Phil Scraton, Professor Emeritus Fractured Lives, Dissenting Voices, Recovering Truth 26 September 2018

Academic Year 2017/18

Speaker  Title  Date 
Frances Crook OBE

Mick Creedon

William Baldet

What is the Future of Criminal Justice and Human Rights? (SoundCloud)

27 September 2017

Academic Year 2016/17 

Speaker  Title   Date 
Professor Tim Newburn  England 2011 Five Years On: Understanding the ‘life-cycle’ of riots (SoundCloud)

28 September 2016 


Academic Year 2015/16

Speaker  Title  Date 
Sue McAllister

Unlocking the Past – from conflict to reform in the Northern Ireland Prison Service (SoundCloud) 2 December 2015

Maya Foa

European Aid for Executions

11 November 2015

Yvonne Jewkes

'How 'super' are the new super-sized prisons? Building a better future for prisoners'

30 September 2015  


Academic Year 2014/15

Speaker  Title  Date 
John Taft 

Miscarriages of Justice Happen to Ordinary People

25 March 2015

Shami Chakrabarti

On Liberty

11 February 2015

Sue Berelowitz

No Longer Invisible: Child Protection and Children's Rights

26 November 2014 

Ben Gunn

Breaking The Carceral Machine

1 October 2014


Academic Year 2013/14

Speaker  Title  Date 
Professor John Lea   Privatising Probation: The Consolidation of the Risk Agenda   26 March 2014  
Frances Crook OBE    Justice and the Limits of Incarceration   19 February 2014    
Sir Clive Loader   The Role of the Police and Crime Commissioner in our Society   4 December 2013  
Professor David Nutt   Drugs Without the Hot Air 20 November 2013   
Keir Starmer QC    A Prosecution Service for the 21st Century   2 October 2013  

Academic Year 2012/13 

Speaker  Title  Date 
Dr Sharon Shalev   Solitary Confinement and Supermax Prisons: Lessons from America    22 May 2013  
Dr Barbara Perry    Rejected and Dejected: Impacts of Islamophobic Violence in Canada 8 May 2013  
Dr Anna Souhami   Becoming a Police Researcher: Ethics and Authenticity   27 March 2013   
Professor Jo Phoenix   Out of Place: Exploring the Criminalisation of Sexually Exploited Girls and Young Women   20 February 2013  
Nick Hardwick CBE   What's Prison Really Like?   12 December 2012   

Academic Year 2011/12

Speaker  Title  Date 
Julian Buchanan   The Damage Caused By Drugs, Or The Damage Caused By Drug Policy? 13 June 2012  
Professor Tony Jefferson    The Riots 2011: Another Moral Panic Or....What?   8 February 2012   
Reece Walters   Invisible Violence: Air Pollution and the Politics of Regulation in the UK   11 January 2012    

Academic Year 2010/11

Speaker  Title  Date 
Dr Chris A Williams    The Development of the Police National Computer, 1958-1975, and the Promises and Limitations of Computerisation   2 December 2010  

Academic Year 2008/09

Speaker  Title  Date 
Professor Alice Hills   Ghetto Security: Policing Post-Conflict Cities   21 January 2009  
Rex Bloomstein    Crime and the Camera: Making Prison Documentaries - The Work of Rex Bloomstein   5 November 2008   
Martin Narey   Imprisonment, Crime and Child Poverty 7 May 2008   
Bruce George MP   Private Security and the Role of the Legislature   4 April 2008   

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