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Scarman Lectures

Since 2008, Criminology at Leicester has invited high profile guest speakers to deliver papers on current issues in criminology, criminal justice, policing and community safety. These lectures are open to staff and students of the University of Leicester, and to the general public.

The school is happy to announce this year's Scarman Lecture "Re-Imagining Trans Futures: Critically Navigating Reactionary Times Through Queer Joy" which will take place on Wednesday 25 September 2024 from 17:00-18:00 on the University of Leicester Campus.

In an era marked by reactionary challenges, it's crucial to foster positive visions of trans futurity while acknowledging the current climate of inequity, trauma and violence. Through Re-Imagining Trans Futures, we aim to reset the narrative around trans people, demonstrating the possibility and importance of queer joy.

President and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Leicester Nishan Canagarajah will open this year's Scarman Lecture.

Dr Chryssy Hunter (she/her) will follow, drawing from her research and advocacy work with elder trans communities nationwide. She will explore the experiences of ageing trans people in the UK, emphasising their relevance across generations and their potential for emancipation.

Following this, Dr Jack Lopez (he/him), drawing on a combination of his research and scholarship with Trans+ Adults across the UK, will delve into re-imagining trans futures, spotlighting the resilience and liberatory aspects of trans lives and narratives. Together, we will challenge negativity and amplify the strength inherent in trans experiences. This event aims to leave all attendees—trans, cis, queer, and allies—empowered with a sense of critical joy.

To book a ticket to this years free hybrid event and for more information please go to Ticket Tailor.

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