School of Criminology

EDI Committee members

Within the School of Criminology we have an Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity Committee. The members are:

Name Role Why we joined the Committee 
Dr Jess Ritchie Committee chair and Lecturer in Criminology  
Dr Tammy Ayres Committee member and Associate Professor in Criminology  
Ola Bujak Committee member and Programme Administrator "I believe it’s really important to make academia a more diverse and inclusive environment representing everybody, including those with both visible and non-visible disabilities."
Dr Amy Clarke  Committee member and Teaching Fellow  
Dr Claire Davis Committee member and Lecturer in Criminology
Dr Jo Murphy Committee member and Lecturer in Criminology
"To learn more about other people's experiences, so that we can progress and ensure that everyone has equal access to opportunities, regardless of their background."
Dr Lucy Neville Committee member and Lecturer in Criminology  "I want every student and employee at UoL to enjoy the same access and comfort within academia as I am fortunate enough to."
Stephanie Orswell Committee member and PhD student 
"Because it's relevant to me, as someone who has an invisible disability, and my research involving people with learning difficulties and disabilities"
Emily Wertans  Committee member and PhD student  "Without representation of all voices, meaningful progress will always be limited. University can feel daunting for disabled students, however our Committee strives for change, addresses support needs and serves as a reminder that disability has a place in Criminology and Leicester."

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