We are Citizens of Change

scientist holding covid test tubeOur community is working together to help the worldwide fight against coronavirus. From scientists, laboratory technicians, porters, catering colleagues, administrators and marketing professionals, to name but a few, every one of our citizens plays a part in the University’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Our University citizens have an unwavering desire to support the global fight against coronavirus. Knowing that work is going on to fight this pandemic helps us all to remain optimistic for the future.

lab equipment being carriedOur specialist staff and students are supporting the NHS in clinical roles with many University citizens taking up roles as voluntary healthcare assistants and porters. Some are working in diagnostic labs and our doctors are graduating early to begin their NHS careers ahead of time.

We’ve donated machinery worth £100,000 and thousands of essential personal protective equipment to the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust.

Our community of staff and students are forming support groups to help their neighbours. Their determination and resolve is an inspiration. If you would like to support a neighbourhood group, there are opportunities nationwide.

scientists working in labOur scientists and researchers are amongst the leading lights of experts investigating coronavirus, carving a path through, and seeking the answers, to bring the pandemic under control. Some have sought answers to why specific groups of people can be more susceptible to coronavirus. And there have even been studies into the environmental effects of the lockdowns we’ve seen across the world.

Ours to change

It’s never been truer that the world is a work in progress. The coronavirus pandemic has taught us that. There is always more to learn and more to explore. The world is ours to change. We are Citizens of Change, join our community and help us to make that change.

Our progress

test tubes on circular rackKeep an eye on our homepage and follow us on Twitter and Instagram to keep up to date with our latest findings.

We’ve been talking to experts across the University and we’ve uncovering inspiring stories every day. If you’re working on an incentive to support the community during this difficult time, please do get in touch.

And if we haven’t spoken to you yet but you’re a researcher or academic with something to contribute to the COVID-19 story, do let us know.