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Thirty Faces of Erasmus+

The Erasmus+ exchange programme offers students the opportunity to live abroad and experience a foreign culture by attending a participating university within the European Union.

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Erasmus+, we asked students to share their experiences of the Erasmus+ programme and tell us about the positive and lasting impact it had on their lives.

Adam SmithAlina OmarovaAn

Chris BonhamDavid RiedingerDavid 2016-17 

Elizabeth May WebbErkin NajafliFrancesca

Jyrki KatainenKatharina GrunbergerKatie Rooke

Khadija KoromaLala AlizadaLaura Nieminen

LenaMarie BecquetMaxime Ballet 

Maya Xian HewittNiccolo BianconiPAULA PULIDO MARTINEZ

RiikkaShreya BhattacharyaSofia Ceccon

Stelios AndreadakisTyler JohnVersha Rama

VirginieYejin LeeYoana Barakova

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