English Language Teaching Unit

EL7600 Academic English Support for School of Museum Studies

This course is for MA students in Museum Studies and Art, Museum and Gallery Studies (AMAGS).

This course has 2 modules. Each module is 8 weeks. You can choose to study one or both modules.

Term 1

Availability October 
Duration 8 weeks
Classes 2 hours a week
Module leader Janice Hinckfuss
Contact insessional@le.ac.uk

Course content

  • Analyse texts related to your discipline to identify
    • useful language
    • text organization
    • author stance and voice
    • academic conventions common to your field
  • Apply these language items or features to your own writing or speaking
  • Study evaluative language to critique a text
  • Study how to use the Academic Word List to aid your writing
  • Study and practice paraphrasing strategies
  • Write summaries with improved clarity
  • Study the language and organisation used in an academic presentation
  • Identify the key features of an academic introduction and conclusion in your field and apply the language noticed to your own writing
  • Use a listening strategy to become a more critical and active listener
  • Have an opportunity to rewrite sections of your own writing after group corrective feedback sessions
  • Access independent study resources which give opportunities for continued language and skills development

Term 2

Availability February 
Duration 8 weeks
Classes 2 hours a week
Module leader Janice Hinckfuss
Contact insessional@le.ac.uk

Course content

  • Recognize and produce discipline-specific genres of writing other than academic essays: feature article, acquisition notes, exhibition critique, exhibition proposal (latter three AMAGS only)
  • Recognize the language used to describe the purpose of a piece of research and apply it to their own context
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of dissertation titles as areas of study
  • Use research questions to be precise about their area of study and use language to describe research and study aims
  • Evaluate a dissertation proposal 
  • Use persuasive language in the production of a cover letter
  • Recognize and analyse the types of organization patterns used in a literature review
  • Answer a range of questions which might be asked at interview

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