Centre for Environmental Health and Sustainability

Kathryn Adams

Kathryn Adams

Research Assistant in GIS

Part-time PhD candidate


I am a GIS Research Assistant and part-time PhD candidate based in the Centre for Environmental Health and Sustainability (CEHS). I graduated with a First Class degree in BSc Geography from Aberystwyth University in 2018 and later with a Distinction in MSc Geographical Information Science from University of Leicester. In 2019, I was awarded joint winner of the GISc RG Dissertation Prize and RICs Prize for her dissertation “A GIS decision-support analysis of exposure to air pollution during active transport in Leicester”.

Currently, I support a number of noise and air pollution research projects by using geographical information systems to source, integrate and analyse data regarding environmental pollution, climate, population demographics, as well as, social and health indicators. In collaboration with the Equal-Life project, my PhD aims to develop a high resolution traffic flow model across distribution networks at a macro and micro analysis.

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