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Evaluation of WiV's 2x More and 5 in Focus Programmes (Women in View Canada)

Women In View (WIV) has designed and delivered two key programs to address gender inequality in the Canadian independent film and television production industry. The workforce development programme 2xMore gives emerging female episodic directors the opportunity to direct an episode of scripted television.

The gatekeeper development programme 5 in Focus targeted various barriers that female directors face as a consequence of managerial and executive decision-making. Led by Dr Amanda Coles (Deakin University, Australia), this research project assessed to what degree 2xMore and 5 in Focus represented the types of industry interventions that promote a fundamental transformation of industry norms, values and practices based on principles of inclusion, representation and belonging.

The project, delivered by researchers from Deakin Business School and CAMEo, contributed to a growing body international research that interrogates the role of policy and program experimentation in addressing gender inequality as both an employment equity issue and an issues of sharp social-political significance.

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