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Where am I? BME Role Models and Leaders in the Performing Arts (AHRC/Clore)

Workers of black, Asian and other minority ethnic backgrounds are under-represented in the cultural industries workforce. This AHRC-funded Clore Leadership Programme project explored the implications of this under-representation for BAME workers’ career aspirations. It particularly focused on the importance of BAME role models for developing a more diverse workforce.

If the arts and culture represent overwhelmingly white, middle class, male aesthetics, history, values and thinking, how are BAME workers to value their own ideas, stories and ambitions? What would a world look and feel like if leaders in arts and culture came from all kinds of backgrounds? If there were more black ballet dancers, a female Asian artistic director of the National Theatre, more BAME drama workshop leaders in schools? Would this encourage a more diverse arts workforce?


  1. Suzanne Gorman
  2. Doris Ruth Eikhof

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