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Mapping the Creative and Cultural Industries in Vietnam (British Council)

A joint project with the British Council and Hanoi Grapevine. This was a mixed methods research project that mapped the creative and cultural industries in Vietnam and explore the networks and linkages between organisations within the sector. The project begun with a largely desk-based review of existing data sources to provide an initial quantitative picture of the sector in Vietnam, this was complemented by a survey designed to fill the gaps between the various sources available.

The project then moved on to adopt the method used by Brennan-Horely (2013) in Darwin, Australia. This involved producing maps of Cities and asking local people, workers in the creative industry and businesses to identify areas in which they believe creativity in the economy takes place. This approach helped to capture the informal nature of employment and creativity inherent within these industries that the more formal quantitative methods inevitably miss.

Respondents identified areas of the City where three elements of the creative industries work: 1. What Brennan-Horely terms as ‘creative epicenters’ – spaces where respondents feel creativity is most apparent in the local economy; 2. Spaces of inspiration – places within the City or locality that inspire the workforce in their creative work; 3. Where the workplaces actually are. This stage was vital as it enabled policy makers to better understand where creativity in the economy actually occurs and where they need to target the support networks and governance interventions that Liu & Silva (2017) argue are needed to help the industries grow.

Liu & Silva produced a diagram to visualize the interactions between policy makers and the creative industries in Nanjing in China which will enable the creative industries to access the support they need from Government. Aside from academic outputs this project produced a report for the Vietnamese Government and populate a directory of cultural and creative organisations on the Hanoi Grapevine website.

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