CAMEo - Research Institute for Cultural and Media Economies

Dance music scenes and the night time economy

In 2014, Daniel Allington led a research project that combined interview and observational research in London’s electronic music scenes with ‘big data’ statistical research on the SoundCloud website. Both sides of this research led to the same conclusion: that despite the exciting possibilities of digital distribution, place-based music scenes remain crucially important, and that certain real-world locations are privileged above others, with London – and indeed, particular parts of London – being especially favoured. For CAMEo, Daniel met with researchers and stakeholder in order to design a new research project investigated:

  1. The need for specific characteristics of place in order for music scenes to develops
  2. The ways in which place can make scenes vulnerable (e.g. through licensing difficulties and rising rents)
  3. The potential of digital communications networks to contribute to place-making and the formation of music scenes.

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