CAMEo - Research Institute for Cultural and Media Economies

Cultural industries and cultural work in Santiago de Chile

In this project, Christian Morgner paid attention to a neglected topic of research on cultural industries and creative cities, namely the important contribution of creative cities and creative practices in the Global South with a particular focus on Latin-America.

This research project considered the role of Santiago de Chile in developing into a global creative hub and will provide new insights into the role of creative industries, practices and structures of innovations in Santiago de Chile as a creative capital. Based on an established framework that Christian has developed and tested during research in other creative cities in the Global South (see Morgner 2013, 2015), he conducted a series of in-depth interviews with key gatekeepers. This research addressed three main areas:

  1. What is the shape and structure of the creative milieu of the city (see Morgner 2016),
  2. What notion of cultural or creative work is being employed and how do people experience these conceptions,
  3. Consider practices of localisation of cultural and media products in that specific cultural economy. These research questions will feed into his broader research on global cultural industries and in particular on a comparative study on cultural work and creativity in urban areas in the Global South.

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