CAMEo - Research Institute for Cultural and Media Economies

Current and Past CAMEo Researchers and Affiliated Experts

Name  Affiliation
Professor Athina Karatzogianni
University of Leicester (CAMEo Interim Director May-September 2020)
Professor Mark Banks
University of Glasgow (CAMEo Director 2016-May 2020)
Dr Jess Bain
University of Leicester 
Dr Zafeirenia Brokalaki
University of Leicester 
Dr Gavin Brown
University of Leicester 
Dr Katharina Chudzikowski
University of Bath 
Dr Ben Coles
University of Leicester
Dr Alberto Cossu
University of Leicester
Dr Piotr Denderski
University of Leicester
Dr Michael Dunning
University of Leicester
Professor Doris Ruth Eikhof  University of Glasgow (CAMEo Deputy Director 2016-2020)
Dr Bernhard Forchtner  University of Leicester
Dr Sophie Frost  University of Leicester
Dr Marta Gasparin  University of Leicester
Alessandro Gerosa  University of Milan and University of Turin 
Dr Mark Gibson  Monash University 
Suzanne Gorman  Maya Productions 
Dr William Green  University of Leicester
Dr Melissa Gregg  Intel Corporation 
Stuart Hanson  De Montfort University 
Dr Matthew Hart  University of Leicester
Dr Alison Harvey  University of Leicester
Elizabeth Hawley  Contemporary Visual Arts Network- East Midlands
Dr Claire Jenkins  University of Leicester
Dr Jilly Boyce Kay  University of Leicester
Dr Diane Levine  University of Leicester
Dr Daria Luchinskaya  University of Warwick 
Dr Stevie Marsden  University of Leicester 
Professor Jacob Matthews  Université Paris VIII 
Ren Ming  Shangai Academy of Social Sciences 
Dr Fabrizio Montanari
University of Modena and Reggio Emilia 
Dr Christian Morgner  University of Leicester 
Dr Jack Newsinger  University of Nottingham 
Professor Justin O'Connor  University of South Australia 
Dr Richard Ocejo  City University of New York 
Professor Claire Squires  University of Stirling 
Catherine Rogers  Creative Leicestershire 
Dr Stefano De Sabbata
University of Leicester 
Dr Jennifer Smith Maguire
Sheffield Hallam University 
Dr Konstantin Stoborod  University of Leicester 
Dr Kenneth Weir  University of Leicester 
Dr Natasha Whiteman
University of Leicester 
Professor Helen Wood  Lancaster University 

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