CAMEo - Research Institute for Cultural and Media Economies

Radical design

Wednesday 17 October 2018, 5.30pm-7.30pm

LCB Depot, 31 Rutland Street, Leicester LE1 1RE

How can design target pressing social issues? How can it use creativity to rethink products, environments and forms of engaging with others in radial new ways? At this salon event, organised by the CAMEo Research Institute at the University of Leicester, speakers from graphic design, product design and design research will discuss the thinking and doing of contemporary radical design practice.


  • Dr Martin Stacey (De Montfort University) on design and the psychology of creativity
  • Tzortzis Rallis (Propagate Collective, Occupy Design) on the social and political role of visual communication in the public sphere
  • Diana Simpson-Hernandez (Designers for Humanity) on sustainable design and innovation

A salon hosted by CAMEo, the University of Leicester’s Research Institute for Cultural and Media Economies. Part of the Design Season at LCB Depot.

This is a free event and all are welcome.

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