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Do I Have Ableist Privilege? An Interactive Experience

Saturday 9 November 2019, 3.00pm-4.30pm
Attenborough Arts Centre, Lancaster Road, Leicester LE1 7HA

"What does ableist privilege mean? And do I have it?"" In this interactive event, CAMEo and the Attenborough Arts Centre invite you to experience how the ‘invisible’ privilege of ableism affects the careers of disabled creative workers. You will be challenged to navigate the hurdles presented by ableism, and progress as far as you can in a creative career: all in an hour and a half.

Of all the privileges, ableism is particularly invisible, and is rarely challenged and frequently ignored in debates on equality. This unique event will help participants understand what they take for granted, and to experience how their invisible ableist privilege presents hurdles for others.

Delivered and facilitated by disabled performing artists in association with academics from the CAMEo research institute, this event will feature a hybrid of discussions and interactive elements led by the performers. Afterwards, we invite you to stay behind and meet some of the team behind the research to talk over any thoughts or questions you may have about the experience.

Recent research from CAMEo demonstrates that ableist privilege is a key blockage preventing disabled workers entering and thriving in the creative economy. Managers, decision-makers and colleagues not only demonstrate a very limited understanding of disability, but, more importantly, also little awareness of why they would need to know more. This event will help you see the importance of gaining a wider understanding of the hurdles that our social world and structures present to disabled individuals, allowing you to become part of a proactive change for the better. 

This event is part of a series of events the University of Leicester is running as part of this year’s ERSC Festival of Social Science which runs from 2-9 November.

At this year’s Festival, University of Leicester events, lectures, seminars and guided walks will cover a wide range of hot topics including healthcare, rehabilitating offenders, religiously-motivated hate crime, climate change, architecture, disability and inequality, responding to childhood trauma prescribing cannabis, rural living, museum activism, feminism and activism, and the positive social benefits of boxing.

All bookable events are free to attend but you need to register in advance. Find out more here

For more information and the latest updates on the Festival, contact or follow us on Twitter at @LeicesterSocSci.

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