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Airport collection service

To help you get to Leicester as simply as possible, we offer a free scheduled collection service operating from London Heathrow Airport to your accommodation in Leicester. This bus service will coincide with our September and January registration week. 

How to book your seat 

Please book your flight and accommodation first before booking a seat for the airport collection service. Tickets for the airport collection service must be booked in advance and will not be available to book on the day you arrive at the airport.

Please be aware that seats are limited. We advise you to book your travel, accommodation and then your seat on the airport collection service as early as possible. Online bookings will usually close several days before each pickup date (please see below). 

We recommend that you limit your luggage to one suitcase and one carry-on bag, as space on the bus may be limited and we cannot guarantee there will be enough space for extra luggage.

Upcoming airport collection dates

Bookings for the September 2023 airport collection service will open in August 2023.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)  

How much does the airport collection service cost? 

Nothing, it’s free! You don’t have to pay anything to use the University’s airport collection service. 

Where will I meet to board the bus?  

The location of the meeting point will be London Heathrow Airport Terminal 2 arrivals outside Café Nero. Two days prior to your arrival date, we will email you confirmation of the airport meeting location as well as confirmation of the name and contact details of the person who will be meeting you. If you do not arrive at the meeting point on time, the meet and greet person will use what’s up to confirm where you are and if you need any help locating the meeting point. To enable communication with the meet and greet person, we ask that you download what’s up and make sure that your Wi-Fi is connected to the airport Wi-Fi.

Where will the airport collection service drop me off? 

If you are going to be living in The Village, we will drop you off at John Foster Hall, the Village Reception a short walk from the other halls of residence where you can check in and collect your room key. If you are living in the City Accommodation or private accommodation, we will drop you off at Freemen’s Common Reception where staff will be on hand to help book taxis for any onward journeys if appropriate. The exact bus drop off point for City Accommodation is Putney Road, Block L of Nixon Court so you will need to cross Putney Road and walk 2 min to Freemen’s Common Reception, which should be clearly signposted. If you are staying in private accommodation, you must tell us the address on the booking form so that we are able to pass this onto our staff at Freemen’s Common who will arrange your taxi to your private accommodation address.

I’m travelling to the UK with friends and family. Can they use the airport collection service? 

The airport collection service is only for University of Leicester students. If you are travelling to the UK with family and friends, you will need to arrange separate transport from the airport to Leicester. You can find information about how to get to Leicester on our plan how to get here page.

I’m a current University of Leicester student returning to the UK. Can I use the collection service? 

Yes. Current University of Leicester students can make use of the airport collection service when returning to the UK.

My flight lands on a different day or later than the collection service departure time. Can I still book a place? 

Unfortunately, if you are arriving on a different day or later than the collection service departure time you will need to arrange your own travel to Leicester. Find out more information about getting to Leicester on our plan how to get here page.

I haven’t booked my flight yet. Can I book a place on the airport collection service? 

Not yet. You will need to book your flight before you book a place on the airport collection service. 

What happens if my flight is delayed?

The airport collection service will leave promptly at the advertised departure time. If your flight is delayed and you are unable to make the departure time of the airport collection service you will need to make your own way to Leicester. If possible, please what’s app the airport collection meet and greet person to let them know you won’t be needing the service. Find out more information about getting to Leicester on our plan how to get here page.

Any other questions? 

If you need further advice or information about your arrival in the UK, please contact us at and we will do our best to assist you. Please include your applicant ID number in your email and ‘Airport pick-up’ in the subject of your email.

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