The Production of Consumer Culture

Module code: MN3106

How we produce and consume culture has shifted dramatically in recent years. Think of the decline of physical media in favour of streaming, the explosion of user-generated content, and the inescapable rise of social media. This module will give you an insight into the ever-changing dynamics behind your favourite artists, YouTubers, clothing brands and everything else that goes into the cultural industries.

By the end of this module, you'll be able to describe the major theoretical concepts associated with the study of cultural intermediaries and frameworks on consumption. You'll be capable of discussing the historical, societal and cultural context of the production and consumption of culture. You'll be adept at identifying significant dimensions of work in the "cultural industries". You'll feel comfortable critically evaluating the implications of the production and consumption of culture for key challenges faced by markets and society such as globalisation and sustainability. You'll be able to outline and discuss competing definitions of the concept of culture, and indicate how culture is both expressive and constitutive of consumption.

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