Independent Field-Based Project

Module code: GL3100

In this module, you will undertake a major field-based project. This could involve making your own detailed map of an area of a few square kilometres or collecting data for a project you have designed with your supervisor that are then analysed, interpreted, and written up in a report.

Full training is provided, but you will also need all the skills acquired during your first two years of your degree programme to complete the module successfully. Many students find this one of the most rewarding parts of their degree, developing and learning organisational and team-working skills that are invaluable when seeking employment.

If you are studying for a BSc, this will be the major piece of independent project work that you do and will form a significant part of your final year.

Recent projects have included:

  • Recording fossil and sedimentological data to interpret past environmental change
  • Collecting structural data on rock strength and physical properties critical to quarry development
  • Using the department's geophysical equipment for a geophysical survey to interpret sub-surface structure
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