Museum Studies at Leicester

PhD in Museum Gallery and Heritage Practice

The PhD in Museum, Gallery and Heritage Practice addresses a desire for a professional doctorate in museum studies that achieves a synergy between research and practice.

It has been designed to aid those who wish to develop a research project that is of direct relevance to their professional work and which can be undertaken incrementally while working. It meets the needs of professionals studying at a distance but can also be undertaken by students studying full time. 

Key features

  • A structured research journey which builds incrementally towards completion and better meets the needs of the working professional.
  • A strong relationship between research and practice: research that deepens practice; practice that makes research impactful.
  • An attachment to the values of the the PhD, by maintaining an emphasis on research quality and individual creativity as assessed by the thesis and viva voce examination.
  • The development of advanced research and practice-based skills directly relevant to the student’s professional context and which build upon professionally-recognised skillsets developed at Masters level.
  • A PhD centred on individual research and practice rather than on taught components.
  • The flexibility to weight and position the practice and research elements according to the needs and ambitions of the project.


PhD projects

We also offer a standard PhD in Museum, Gallery and Heritage Studies.

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