Anatomy and Physiology for Midwifery Practice

Module code: MW1012

This module is facilitated using a combination of lectures, clinical skills / simulation workshop, small group work anatomy tutorials in the Dissection Room and online learning packages. It will familiarise you with the anatomy and physiology of key bodily systems such as the gastrointestinal, renal and respiratory system etc. and their application throughout pregnancy and the childbirth continuum. Your learning will be aided by practical sessions in the Medical School’s Dissection Room enabling you to apply your knowledge and understanding when developing the key skills to become a proficient midwife.

You will gain an understanding of the development of the fetus during the progressive trimesters, and the newborn infant’s adaptation from intra-uterine life to extra-uterine life – the transition from being a fetus to becoming a newborn infant who must quickly establish air breathing, adapt to changes in endocrine function, thermogenesis and much more. You will learn the anatomy of the breast, the physiology of lactation and how to support parents to responsively feed their newborn infants according to UNICEF-UK Baby Friendly Initiative Standards. You will also apply the principles of safe medicines administration relating to midwifery in both simulated and clinical practice settings. 

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