Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Organisations

Module code: MN2133

This popular module explores and debates the concept of equality and inclusion in the workplace against a backdrop of growing diversity within the labour force. You will be encouraged to critically assess the measures instituted by organisations to manage equality, diversity and inclusion and consider the relative merits of the moral and business arguments for introducing an equal opportunities policy and/or policies and practices aimed at managing diversity. 

Within this module, you’ll explore contemporary issues and key debates around equality and diversity at labour market and organizational level and discuss the concepts of equality and diversity from sociological, psychological, historical, legal and different ethical perspectives. You will consider how different perspectives influence our own values and decisions and demonstrate awareness of the legal and ethical requirements for decision-making and value-based diversity management practice.

In this module, you will get an opportunity to engage in a dialogue about diversity and inclusion in an inclusive and stimulating learning environment where thoughts and ideas can be expressed without fear and interference from other. You will find a safe space to have comfortable, productive and impactful conversations around race, racism, homophobia, ethnocentrism, disability, inequalities, discrimination, and LGBTQ rights. You will be using images, diagrams, forming word clouds, and sharing anecdotes while participating in various lecture and seminar activities. In an interesting ‘Speedy Ignite’ video presentation format, you will be engaging in the subject of the module based on your own experience/s which will then need to be backed up with academic content demonstrating your ability to apply theory to practice.  

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