School of Business

Behavioural and Economic Sciences

Director: Professor Fabio Tufano

Deputy Directors: Dr David Rojo Arjona and Dr Vanessa Valero


The Behavioural and Economic Sciences (BeES) cluster fosters behavioural and economic knowledge for social impact. It will do so by investigating human behaviour, combining theory and empirics, while leveraging an array of methods including laboratory experiments and randomised controlled trials for scalable interventions.

The cluster takes advantage of in-house expertise to deliver fundamental and applied world-leading research to advance the basic science of human behaviour and translate such knowledge into interventions.

The BeES cluster also fosters research-inspired education. Central to the cluster’s activities is the nourishing of young researchers by supervising doctoral students and mentoring early-career researchers in the area.

The BeES cluster’s ultimate aim is to deliver world-changing behavioural and economic sciences research, which will be inherently interdisciplinarity and focus on generating positive change, and innovation to the benefit, particularly, of the next generation and, more broadly, of society as a whole.

The cluster also hosts the LExEcon (Leicester Experimental Economics) laboratory.  This state-of-the-art laboratory provides further support to behavioural research and teaching.  Further details are on our LExEcon webpage.


Professor Fabio Tufano
Dr David Rojo Arjona
Dr Vanessa Valero

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