Festival of Social Science

2022 Festival archive

The 2022 Festival of Social Science at the University of Leicester featured:

Public screening of COVID-19 vaccine promotion videos – engaging with Chinese communities

Highlighting the barriers and facilitators of COVID vaccine uptake among the UK Chinese communities.

How to pay your staff: Individual and team-based performance related pay

Building on exciting research undertaken in the University of Leicester School of Business on the performance of performance related pay this session looked at how schemes that determine bonuses or rewards based on individual performance, and those based on the performance of teams, compare in motivating and encouraging worker effort.

Creativity as Research Practice: Exploring peace and conflict through women's voices

A digital series screening of two films amplifying the voices of local women in the peace and conflict dynamics in Nigeria.

Secure Hardware Adoption in the Open Data Context

An interactive workshop targeted at businesses in the Leicester area providing opportunities for debate and discussion around the factors that drive hardware adoption decisions in practice, including the implications of data sharing for secure hardware adoption.

What makes us safe? How we can improve patient safety together

A participatory event, concerning research undertaken on patient safety, which consisted of a 45 minute talk followed by a Q&A/interactive discussion about how hospital care can be improved and how the public can be empowered to be involved in their care.

Criminology Goes to the Movies: Film Season

Crime has been one of the most popular subjects for film since the birth of cinema and this series showed the links between crime on screen and in practice. Introduced by an academic with specific expertise in a related area of criminology, talks revealed how each film represents crime and justice, what this means for the subject, along with discussion on current research in the area.

Young People's Law Reform Club

A one-day participatory event at Leicester Law School, where attendees experienced the creation of a new law! The exciting area for exploration was the law of surrogacy.

The appeal of hybrid working

This event focussed on what appeals to employees about homeworking, what the preferences for varying degrees appear to be, the factors that explain variation in this, and how these are based on employees’ experiences of working at home during and after Covid-19 lockdowns.

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