2020 Festival archive

The 2020 Festival of Social Science at the University of Leicester featured:

Cannabis: is it Just a Plant?

A unique one-day series of events which will seek to reframe the discourse of cannabis through the lens of social science.

Crafts Meet Design at the Time of Crises: a Travel Through Uzbek Art

This event features talks and an exhibition to explore how businesses can respond to crises, such as climate change and dwindling resources, when producing and designing new products by using slow design-innovation. 

Representing Disability in Shakespeare’s World

This event will feature extracts from Shakespeare’s plays that portray people with disabilities, accompanied by expert commentary and the actors themselves reflecting on how their performances have changed their perceptions.

Training for Schools: Tackling Online Sexual Harassment

This invite-only event will support secondary school teachers and school leaders to better understand and tackle online sexual harassment amongst teens, delivered in partnership with RSE organisation Sexplain.

Child Mental Health Awareness: Connecting Three Continents

This event will consist of three virtual events in Asia, Africa and Latin America, involving partners and speakers from each continent. The event will share examples of good practice, focusing on sociocultural similarities and differences.

Youth Opportunities? The Long-Term Impacts of Youth Training and YT Schemes, 1960s–2020

The recently-announced £2bn Kickstart jobs scheme has origins in the Youth Training Scheme (YTS). This event will explore what lessons can be learned from the earlier variants and what the long-term impacts were of participating in YTS.

Homeworking, Uncertainty, the Pandemic and Wellbeing

This event will explore the effect of homeworking in the COVID-19 pandemic on well-being and work–life balance, providing evidence on how those working at home are coping in the pandemic to help managers and employees make decisions by about the future of homeworking.