Complex COPD Made Simple (and what to do when it’s difficult)

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Complex COPD Made Simple (and what to do when it’s difficult), One day

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Taught by Respiratory Sciences

This is for you if... you want to take part in interactive learning about taking a systematic approach to managing patients with complex COPD

Course description

Course description

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This course is suitable for all health care professionals with an interest in COPD, including consultants, specialist registrars, COPD specialist nurses, GPs with a special interest, integrated-care physicians, and respiratory specialist allied health professionals

Learning objectives

  • To understand the latest evidence for high quality, integrated, interdisciplinary clinical care in COPD
  • To understand the complexities and dilemmas in the diagnosis of COPD
  • To understand developments in COPD care within the wider NHS and within the NHS 10 year plan  
  • To understand the importance and challenges in delivering high value interventions for people with COPD
  • To become familiar with a systematic approach to the assessment and management of COPD using a clinical domain structure: Dyspnoea/Exercise, Exacerbations, Co-morbidities, Prognosis
  • To use the approach in simulated clinical scenarios

Fees and funding

Fees and funding

UK Students

  • If you are medically qualified, the course fee is £195
  • If you are an allied health professional, the course fee is £120

International Students

This course is not available to international (non-EU) students.

Careers and employability

Careers and employability

This course is designed to help you care for patients with complex COPD. This unique course can also contribute to your career development by offering skills that are in widely acknowledged shortage in the health service, and will help you acquire the skills required to develop local services for complex COPD.

Whether you're an employee looking to get ahead or an employer keen to develop the capabilities of your workforce, studying a short course with us will bring the resources of a leading University to your organisation.

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Course structure

Topics covered

Topics covered

  • COPD care and the NHS
  • A structured approach to managing Complex COPD
  • Interactive case discussion: COPD Diagnosis
  • Interactive case discussion: Managing Dyspnoea
  • High Value Therapies I: Pulmonary rehabilitation
  • Interactive case discussion: Managing Exacerbations
  • Interactive case discussion: Managing the prognosis
  • High Value Therapy II: Smoking Cessation
  • Interactive case discussion: Managing comorbidities
  • Interactive case discussion: Managing Complexity
  • New advances in COPD therapy

Modules shown represent choices available to current students. The range of modules available and the content of any individual module may change in future years.

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