University scholarships, bursaries and discounts

Deferral and transferral

University of Leicester scholarships are awarded for the year that you start at the University, not the year that you apply.

Deferring to the next academic year

Please note that you will fall under the funding arrangements within the academic year you defer to and not the year that you applied for the course.

Transferring between courses

Transferring within the University of Leicester

If you change your degree programme within the first few weeks of University you will still be potentially eligible for the University of Leicester Scholarship. If you choose to restart your degree the following year, you'll be re-considered against the scholarship criteria for that year, rather than the current one.

Transferring to Leicester from another University

If you are transferring from another university, you will potentially still be eligible for the University of Leicester Scholarship, provided that you transfer in the first or second year of your course.

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