School of Criminology

Undergraduate courses

We are one of a few schools in the country devoted solely to criminology.

Our undergraduate courses provide a complete study of crime, deviance and justice helping you to develop your knowledge and understanding of core criminological issues.

We offer a range of opportunities for students to gain experience, network with professionals, volunteer, and learn about employment opportunities.

Available degrees

Criminology BSc
Full-time, 3-4 years | UCAS code: M900
What is a crime? Or a just punishment? Questions like these are often asked, but the answers can be wildly different. This degree gives you a sweeping overview of criminality – including its causes and impacts on a political and social level.

Criminology with Forensic Psychology BSc
Full time, 3 years | UCAS code: CF84
What causes criminal behaviour? How does psychology inform our understandings of crime, criminality, and criminal justice? This degree will equip you with a comprehensive understanding of the basics of criminology, and explores how psychology can be applied to the criminal justice system and the law.

The school has world class academic staff who genuinely care about the success of their students and will go above and beyond to provide quality teaching and guidance for the entirety of the degree process.

Amy (Criminology graduate)

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