School of Chemistry

Plenary speakers

Photograph of Dr Rama SuntharalingamDr Kogularamanan (Rama) Suntharalingam, University of Leicester

  • Provisional talk title: "Metal complexes to tackle chemoresistant tumour sub-populations"

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Photograph of Prof. Deborah KaysProfessor Deborah Kays, University of Nottingham

  • Provisional talk title: "CO Scission and Homologation Using Low-Coordinate Complexes"

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Photograph of Professor Mark Crimmin, wearing glasses and standing in front of a treeProfessor Mark Crimmin, Imperial College London

  • Provisional talk title: "Catalytic Approaches in Sustainable Fluorine Chemistry"

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Photograph of Professor Gill Reid, standing in front of a periodic tableProfessor Gill Reid, University of Southampton

  • Provisional talk title: TBC

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