In celebrating the University's 100th year, we are proud to be able to recognise the contributions of many, relating to a wide range of areas at the University of Leicester. To mark Black History Month and to ensure that our archive continues to be a diverse collection of people, places, buildings, events and more, we are asking for recent nominations relating to influential, inspirational and important Black staff and students and of their contributions. Could any of your contributions relating to Black staff, students or alumni be apart of Our 100 i.e. under Student Societies, The Students' Union, Inspiring Teaching or Our Alumni?

What makes them stand out? Did any events, places, spaces, academic matter, societies and groups positively impact on your experience as a Black student or staff member? Can you recall any example of allyship and activism relating to Black students and staff experiences?

Whatever your degree of study and whatever your job role, we want to hear about it.  

Submit your nomination for your entry to be a part of our Black History Month celebrations and our Centenary Memory bank. These are the moments that make our University’s wonderful history.  

If you can, please be as specific as possible regarding names, dates, locations, etc. All are useful for us to know.  

Find out more information on preservation in our archives and links to our archives privacy notice.

Submit your nomination

Send your nominations to: with the subject 'Black History Month 2021: Nomination'.

Please include:

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  • Nominated’s name
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