Your next steps

Message for parents

Watching a child set off to University can be an emotional experience at the best of times. This year, there is a whole additional level of concern for parents, and we are very aware of that.

At the University of Leicester, the safety of our students – your child and their friends – is our absolute number one goal at all times. Which is why we are making changes to the way our students learn, live and socialise.


A new world needs a new way to study. We have already received wide praise within the higher education sector for our development of ignite, an innovative ‘blended’ approach to learning. Combining face to face, on-campus study with flexible digital learning, ignite is a blended approach to providing the education your child deserves without compromising their safety.


To minimise the number of people milling around on ‘moving-in’ day we’re letting you drop off non-perishable items at your child’s accommodation before term starts. We’re also assigning time-slots for actual moving in, limiting each student to one accompanying relative, and organising a contactless ‘check-in’ process.

All our accommodation buildings have signposted hand-wash facilities and hygiene information, with sanitiser dispensers and touchpoint wiping stations in all accommodation entrances and communal areas. We’re also making sure that all our students have the skills and facilities to keep their own shared facilities clean.


Your child will be asked to download our SafeZone app. This will ensure that at any time, anywhere, they can seek help. Our dedicated campus security team maintain a 24/7 watch on all our buildings, including accommodation. And our Residence Life team will keep an eye on all students living in our accommodation, ready to help in any way they can. At Leicester, we watch out for each other.

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