Safety on campus

Safety is always important at the University of Leicester. In the current situation, we are adapting and improving our current systems to ensure that all our students, staff and visitors are kept safe – and keep each other safe.

Hand sanitisers

There are a lot of buildings on campus, and at our accommodation sites. Every entrance of every building now has a hand sanitiser station.

Food and drink

All our on-campus eateries will be open, but only for take-aways. Payment will be cashless, using our UPay Chilli app. And all our catering staff will be protected behind screens.

Personal safety packs

All our students and staff will be supplied with personal safety kits including wipes, hand sanitisers, gloves and University of Leicester face masks which we’re manufacturing right now. Face masks will be standard for all face-to-face teaching and meetings (with medical exceptions of course).


Our in-house design team and print services have been hard at work creating posters, stickers and other material with a clear, distinctive theme. So things like one-way systems, queuing positions and locations of sanitiser stations will be very clear to everyone.


Our SafeZone app ensure that any of our students can get help at any time, wherever they are.