Photo guidelines

In order for us to issue your University ID card, we need a photo of you, which you can upload directly to MyStudentRecord.

Your student ID card is used for:

  • accessing university buildings, including the library
  • accessing the gym
  • registering your attendance
  • proving your identity when collecting university documents and taking exams
  • accessing meal plans

What it needs to show

What we need is a full-face, head-and-shoulders portrait, like a passport photo. In fact, if you have a passport photo that would be ideal!

It needs to show your whole head, from the top of your hair to the bottom of your chin. We need to see your face clearly so, like a passport photo, you should avoid:

  • a hat or other head covering (unless it's for religious reasons)
  • dark glasses
  • hair over part of your face

Unlike a passport photo, we don't mind if you smile!

Format and size

  • We accept bmp, gif, jpeg, jpg and tiff files
  • Please crop it to these dimensions: height 180 pixels, width 150 pixels
  • Please make sure the file size is less than 1MB.

If there is a problem with your photo, we will contact you and request a different photo. This could mean your student ID card won't be ready at the start of term.