Checklist for new students

All students

  1. Arrange your accommodation
  2. Arrange to pay your fees
  3. Complete online registration by two weeks from the start date of your course – see our registration deadlines for more information.
  4. Prepare your documents to bring with you
    • UK students: passport or UK long birth certificate
    • EEA or Swiss students: passport or national identity card
    • International students: passport and visa
  5. Check what you need to bring with you
  6. Join our new student Facebook groups to get to know people before you arrive: for international students and all students
  7. Plan how to get here
  8. Get vaccinated
    • UK students – check that you have had your MMR and meningitis vaccinations
    • EEA/Swiss/international students – check with your doctor
  9. Let us know if you have a specific learning difficulty, a diagnosed mental health or long term condition, or condition on the autistic spectrum, so we can support you from when you arrive.

International students

If you are an international student, you should also:

  1. Apply for your visa – You need a Tier 4 visa to study in the UK if you are spending more than six months here and are from outside the European Union or European Economic Area. It can take a long time to get a visa – you can apply for one up to three months before the start of your course.
  2. Check to see how to get through the UK border and if you need to get your passport stamped.
  3. Get British currency for use during the first few days or weeks (around £1,000)
  4. Get an EHIC card, if you’re coming from an EU country, which provides sickness insurance
  5. Get a letter from a doctor for any prescribed medication you need to bring with you
  6. Bring 12 weeks’ worth of medication, if you are taking it on a long term basis
  7. Buy tickets and travel insurance
  8. Research banking in the UK and see if your bank can help you to arrange a UK bank account