Support and advice for students studying more than one subject

As a Major/Minor or joint degree student, you will build up relationships with both departments that you are studying with, however your degree will be linked to a home department. What do we mean by home department? If you are doing a joint degree, your home department is the department for the first subject in the title of your degree programme. If you are doing a Major/Minor degree, your home department will be your Major department.

We know that belonging to two departments might at sometimes seem daunting and so there is plenty of support and advice available to you.

SU Peer Networking Group

The Peer Support Group for Major/Minor Students has been created by the Students' Union to ensure individuals you have an opportunity to socialise and share your experiences of this new mode of study. Students studying Major/Minor programmes will still be allocated a Peer Mentor for guidance and support, however the Peer Support Group will be an opportunity to make friends and develop a cohort identity, especially for those who are studying a unique Major/Minor combination.

Student-Staff Committees

The University in partnership with the Students’ Union aims to gather your views in order to improve your student experience. For this student volunteers, democratically elected from the student body as Academic Representatives, speak on your behalf to the University.

If you would like to express or share your views about, course/degree content, methods of teaching and assessment, workloads, reading lists, resources, teaching space, course delivery methods and feedback, you can contact one of the following where relevant:

  • Any of the Course Reps for your Major subject
  • Any of the Course Reps for your Minor subject
  • Your Major/Minor academic advisor

If you would like to find out more about Academic Representation or wish to become a Course Rep yourself, please feel free to contact or visit the Students' Union webpages.

Changing Minor subjects

Before you get started...

Any student at the University can request to change their course during the first two weeks of the academic year and you may be able to change to a different Minor subject. Due to timetable constraints a limited range of combinations is available after registration. If you wish to transfer to a different Major/Minor combination or to a Single/Joint degree, please read the general course transfer guidance and then complete the online form you will find there..

Moving to your second year…

We know that many students would like to keep their options open during their first year and then decide on the absolute best degree for them. In the second semester of your first year, you will need to decide on your final combination. We’ll ask you to think about your course and what you’ve enjoyed, and ask you to make a decision. There will be opportunities to discuss this with your Personal Tutor and academic advisers. We expect that most students will decide to keep their Major/Minor combination. Some might want to adjust the balance to better suit their evolving interests and ambitions.

What is usually possible

Depending on the modules you have completed in your first year, you may be able to:

  • Change your Major to a Single Honours by dropping your Minor subject
  • Change your Minor subject to another that can use your first year modules as a foundation for studies in the second and third year
  • Change your Major/Minor to a Joint Degree, where a Joint Degree in those disciplines already exists.

What is not usually possible

  • Changing both your Major subject and Minor subject to new subjects
  • Swapping your Major subject and Minor subject around
  • Adjusting your Minor subject to a Single Honours degree

Other changes may be considered. You should discuss your individual circumstances with your department(s).