Case studies from students studying more than one subject

"Studying for a joint degree gives you the opportunity to study more than one discipline and sometimes in more than one department. You get the breadth and the depth in each subject. It opens your mind and broadens your interest. It's never dull as the degree is varied and full of change and new things.

"Overall it's a good way to keep your options open and broaden your choices."

- Emily, Modern Languages with Management BA

"As a joint degree student, I was able to study two subjects I loved without fully committing to either of them. For me, it felt like a progression: four AS-levels and three A-levels, two subjects at undergraduate and now one for masters. Each time it's narrowed down my core interests. But it makes it less of a leap from a few topics in school to just one in so much depth.

"It's helped me to prepare for my Masters in Museum Studies as English helped me with interpreting, writing and researching, and Art History gave me the relevant knowledge.

"The variety of lectures was good - to switch brain and think of something different was sometimes a good method of escapism. Also I have two lots of friendship circles."

- Helen, History of Art and English BA