Minor in American History and Politics

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Available for students starting in September 2019.

If you choose a Minor in American History and Politics you will study the history and politics of the remaining global super power, the United States of America.

Year 1

In your first year you will receive a grounding in the American political system and an overview of American history from the end of post-Civil War reconstruction to the present day. You will also be introduced to the requirements of degree-level history and politics.


Year 2

In your second year you will study the history of race and ethnicity in the United States from the end of a Civil War fought over the issue of slavery to the election of the nation’s first black President, Barack Obama. You will also learn about the crucial relationship and intertwined history between Latin America and the United States.


Year 3

In your final year you will study two optional modules that allow you to refine your personal interests in American history and politics, and develop your chosen specialisms. These range geographically from Mexico to Manassas, and topically from Civil Rights veterans to the Vietcong, Selma to Saigon, and from red-baiting Senators to blue-stocking reformers.


Choose two option modules from:

Modules shown represent choices available to current students. The range of modules available and the content of any individual module may change in future years.

Entry requirements

There are no specific entry requirements for this minor.


There will be a range of different assessments particular to individual modules, but made up from a mixture of essays, oral portfolios, web blogs, writing logs, exams and group and individual presentations.

Now choose your Major

On a Major/Minor degree you study a core area in depth (your major subject), while also exploring an additional area (in this case American History and Politics).


Please note that you cannot study a Minor in American History and Politics with a Major in:

  • History
  • Politics

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